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All a cookie is a small bit of data that is stored with your web browser after you log-in so that every time you make a request from the web site we can check to make sure you are authorized to make that request for information. When you quit your browser the cookies are removed from your PC.

Imagine a cookie as a key you use to open all of the doors to the data you wish to find out about.

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Cookies and javascript are supported in almost every web browser, including Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers. And, by default, most web browsers are already pre-configured to use both cookies and javascript.

As a result, chances are that you are already set up to use cookies and javascript. However, if cookies and javascript are turned off in your web browser, please consult your web browser's documentation or help system for how to turn them on again. Usually, it only involves going into the web browser's settings and clicking a box to activate them.

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